Off Grid Power Solutions With Variable System Size

Battery Energy has been supplying proven and reliable battery storage systems on and off grid for 30 years.

Battery Energy’s solar hybrid power solutions are configured as hybrid solar/diesel systems based on industry leading components and combine total service continuity with optimized running costs.

The entire installation is effectively monitored and controlled remotely allowing alteration of critical parameters and reporting general system performance. When developing our solution there was a strong focus on delivering a product that will be installed in critical industrial applications with Australia’s most innovative companies.

For the highest level of reliability Battery Energy has the capability to design and customize products to meet increasing demands in the supply of Energy Storage for Solar, Communications, Rail, Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Transmission, UPS and Mining.

Battery Energy Array Mounting Structure


  • Acommodates 12x solar panels of nominal
  • 1600 x 1000mm size
  • Certified to Wind Region D
  • Cable Zones included
  • Adjustable Tilt (4 to 50 degrees)

Battery Energy Outdoor Power Cabinet


  • Enclosed Lockable IP53 Insulated Cabinet
  • 500W N+1 Air-conditioning
  • Internal 19″ Mounting Rails

Battery Energy Flexi Power Subrack


  • RS232 or TCP/IP Control Module
  • 22 kW SOlar Regulators (Standard Configuration)
  • 16 kW Rectifiers (Standard Configuration) Distribution

Battery Energy Outdoor Battery Cubicle


  • Weatherproof Aluminium IP53 Battery Cubicle
  • Thermal Insulation
  • 250A CB Battery Isolator

Battery Energy 9.3kW Generator


  • Reliable Japanese built Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • Fully Integrated Microprocessor Controller
  • Extensive Remote Management Capability
  • Super Quiet Enclosure
  • Integrated 1000L Long-range Dual Containment Fuel Tank
  • Low Cost of Maintenance

Key Features

  • Scalable load capacity to suit client’s needs
  • Turnkey solution
  • Generator service interval and refueling frequency
  • Efficient fuel consumption and tank size
  • Remote system management and alarming
  • Scalable rectifier and solar regulator capacity
  • Superior design and built with market leading quality components


  • Continuous energy-efficient operation for off-grid networks
  • Optimised site operation achieving maximum efficiency
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Dramatically reduces diesel generator runtime realising fuel savings
  • Reduces OPEX by decreasing refueling and service internals

Combining Battery Energy's reliability & robust characteristics with less maintenance requirements.

Power Generation

Battery Energy is recognised for providing systems with outstanding service life of 20+ years.

Solar RAPS

Battery Energy has the ideal solutions for remote locations with extreme temperatures.

Mining, Oil & Gas

Always choose Battery Energy when safety and reliability are the key considerations for your Power solution.


Products designed to survive vibration and heat in critical rolling stock and many trackside applications.