Our History

Established in 1987, Battery Energy commenced as a specialist Battery development and manufacturing company.

From the outset the objective was to develop a maintenance-free GEL battery technology which would substantially increase battery life in harsh climatic conditions.

Over the years Battery Energy’s technology has been significantly enhanced, through ongoing development and improved proprietary manufacturing techniques.

We offer and design a complete range of industrial batteries, with the technical expertise and flexibility to adapt existing products to suit a wide range of client’s needs, focusing on optimizing client’s investments while delivering a world class solution.

Battery Energy is an award winning market leader in energy storage and is the only industrial GEL battery manufacturer in Australia. With an integrated manufacturing and support facility in Sydney and accompanied by increased capacity through its dual manufacturing capability in the South of China.

Our Vision

Battery Energy’s mission is to utilize innovation together with commitment to quality, our people and technical excellence to deliver competitive, industry-leading power solutions to meet and exceed client expectations through partnerships based on professionalism, integrity and our wealthy experience. The company’s values are:

  • Customer Focus
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Technical Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Integrity
A long track record of delivering quality solutions.

Battery Energy’s capability to design and customize products to meet increasing demands in the supply of Energy Storage for Solar, Communications, Rail, Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Transmission, UPS and Mining. This provides the continued reliability our clients have come to rely on, which affords a safe operation across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.

Our proven capabilities are backed by a strong technical team of subject matter experts who support our rigorous quality management system, ongoing research and product development, battery testing and engineering works.

Battery Energy operates a Quality Management System that complies with requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001.

Product Summary

Battery Energy has a flexible capability to deliver a range of products together with design, project management and value added services customised to meet the expanding needs of our clients.

In addition we specialise in:

  • Home and Commercial Battery storage
  • Industrial, Solar and Motive batteries
  • Industrial Battery Chargers
  • Battery Stands, Outdoor Cabinets and Accessories
  • Solar Panels and Arrays
  • Solar Regulators and Inverters
  • Battery and Charger Consultation and Design
  • Battery and Charger Installation, testing and maintenance
  • Project Management

It is understanding and exceeding the varied requirements of our clients that is essential to delivering successful outcomes and driving innovation.

All products have industry leading fully backed product warranties.

Energy Storage

Battery Energy has been supplying proven and reliable Energy Storage systems in both On and Off Grid applications for over 30 years.

Battery Energy’s Thick Plate Advanced Carbon Technology is industry leading and will continue to be installed in high temperature and cycling applications with Australia’s most innovative companies.

When developing our technology in conjunction with the CSIRO there was a strong focus on delivering a product with superior cycling and life expectancies. The result is a product with unique chemical and molecular characteristics which, along with advanced production methods differentiate it from other GEL batteries in the marketplace.

These superior life characteristics apply to both the battery’s cycling performance and its ability to combat varying extreme environmental conditions.

Global Facilities & Support

Battery Energy’s solutions are well proven in operation, having been installed in numerous environments globally with the advantage of previously tried and established technologies.

Worldwide experience and proven install base allows us to deliver outcomes and exceptional service through our diverse, accomplished and accredited in-house specialists.

Our company operates a dual and flexible manufacturing capability with fully integrated factories in Sydney, Australia and in the South of China.

Worldwide support is generated through Battery Energy’s Australian Head Office where the following services are provided:

  • Research and Development
  • Consulting
  • Product Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistics
  • Procurement